Miami Properties International Group specializes in advising and representing distinguished investors from different countries in the purchase of properties in Miami, Miami Beach and all of South Florida. We would like to invite you to become part of our Selected Group of Investors.

It is a well-known fact that Miami has become the Capital of Spanish-speaking countries due to uncertain times in the economies of South and Central America. Investors are coming to Miami to establish financial and personal security, and ensure the welfare of their families.

Miami is one of the first places to emerge from the global residential crisis of 2006, and has been experiencing a rapid resurgence of new public construction (highways, roads, museums) and brand-new developments that feature the latest technology and exquisite designs.

Our great multicultural City offers the best beaches around the world, with water sports, outstanding restaurants, sensual Latin music, vibrant night life, and amazing live entertainment. It’s no wonder that Miami has earned the nickname “The Magic City”.

Come to Miami; you will find that our city is not only perfect to your investments, but it’s the only place to get the “Lifestyle” you are looking for!
Services we provide to Investors

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  • Analyze and identify the needs and objectives of the Investor
  • Find and present all available options on the market
  • Make a study of the trends and projections of future income and rate of return
  • Analyze loan options as needed and introduce Loan Officers to obtain the best rates
  • Make and present offers all the way to the closing date to reach a smooth and secure closing
  • Finding a Tenant that fulfills the requirements to provide a stable and secure income
  • Management of the property
  • Additionally, our affiliation with Land Investors Consulting Services, International Brokers in South America, and Real Estate Brokers licensed in all states of the USA allow us to present the best deals when buying ranches, farm operations, and land in the contingent USA and in South America.

Affiliated companies with Attorneys at Law and other Professionals at your disposal to:
  • Open an American company as needed to purchase your investment
  • Acquire the immigration status you need
  • Personalize advice on taxation issues
  • Solve Title issues and facilitate the closing of the purchase
  • Receive professional advice with Commercial transactions
  • Receive professional consulting services and management of land purchases
  • Obtain a loan to purchase your investment with Mortgage Brokers and Bank Loan Officers